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Anna Pulley is a RedEye contributor. Co-Parenting Crisis: My Ex Is Dating My Child's Classmate's Mom So I casually mentioned that it was nice their dad had a grown-up he could spend Of course, my friends knew who she was as their daughters were in my. A real estate agent [left] who is dating the double her age dad of one of her best friends, says people compare them for Catherine Zeta Jones and hubby Michael Douglas.

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Published: May 23, I think that my daughter is glad to see her dad happy. There are times however when she doesn't want to be spending time with her friend. About Us FAQ.

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No matter who you are, you dread it when you find out your ex is with someone else. Set her loose in your closet, armed with an industrial-size trash bag. But whatever you do, NEVER date the father of your child's friend. So if you show a guy's internet dating profile to your teenage daughter for pre-approval and she points. This process is going to take exactly as much time as it will take, and not a moment less.

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Sign in. Endgame star Anthony Mackie discusses the importance and impact of the epic conclusion of the film. Spoilers ahead. Watch now.

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When your ex starts dating can often bring a flood of emotions especially if his new partner is a friend or former friend of yours and even worse if they were dating before you broke up. It's the fact he's dating my friend that's bothering me A LOT. not be OK if the tables were turned and it was his daughter dating his best friend. While regular posting is now disabled, you can continue to view all threads until the end of June

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A woman who married the dad of one of her best friends says people compare them for Catherine Zeta-Jones and hubby Michael Douglas. Next thing you know, you're dating your friend's dad. Don't be You can keep your friend, and her hot dad, too. She's his daughter, after all!. We have a daughter in her first year at university.

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I am interested in this guy, who is my daughter's best friend's father. We have talked on a few occassions. I recently ran into him at the club I.

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Co-Parenting Crisis: My Ex Is Dating My Child's Classmate's Mom So I casually mentioned that it was nice their dad had a grown-up he could spend Of course.

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